Manifesting Wealth: Using Energy To Create Abundance


Hacking Lack: Using Law of Attraction to Manifest Abundance


The other day, I was in session and working with a client to identify her beliefs around manifestation and MONEY.  In my experience, money and love are some of the most charged constructs to work with when discussing Abundance and Manifestation.  There are so many emotions, beliefs, and even wounds/trauma around these two items that it can prove difficult to not only identify them, but also to move past barriers to them.

During this session, the client began frantically writing down all of the things we were talking about and I realized, “Oh! This really seems to have value for her”.  Often, because at the core of all I do is truly energy related,  information and suggestions just flow through me.  Channeled messaging emits and I often do not take time to really ‘assess it’.  Anyway, upon recognition of how important this seemed to the client, I received a massive energetic download in that moment about creating a workbook for everyone.  And, I did just that (link to free workbook posted below) in the days that followed.

Though I delve into this much deeper in the workbook, I want to denote that the term “Abundance” is really quite subjective and can mean different things to different people.  It is helpful for us as individuals to identify what it encompasses.  For me, it includes concepts like:  Meaningful connection, security, joy, health, family, and purpose.   Money, an often associated construct of Abundance, is a huge focus for most people.  Many of those I work with feel limited or stressed by finances, knowing it is the exchange system for many of the things they desire.  Money is closely tied to a sense of safety and security for some as well.  Those I work with tend to have very ingrained beliefs about money that began as children based on the narrative they were exposed to when younger, and of course, then later direct experiences with money itself.

These earlier experiences form the base of a belief system around money, its purpose, how one can acquire it, ease of getting it, and virtues/emotional beliefs about those who have it, don’t have it, and so forth.  It is a loaded concept.  Some people are literally afraid or repulsed by the concept of money and dislike having it, feeling like having abundant flow is a negative thing.  Others subscribe to more of a scarcity approach and believe money is limited and only some people can have it–or that it is hard to acquire it and only through working or ‘earning’ it.  It is endless. However, it is critical to understand one’s own beliefs and emotions around it.

It is hard to compress all of this into a blog, so I really do invite you to download the workbook.  However, my main pressing point is this: You create Abundant Flow from your energy.  This energy is very connected to your emotions (vibrational level) and beliefs.  When attempting to manifest and create the life you want, you cannot simply ‘order it up’ like you do at a restaurant.  Whatever resides deep within you, even if you are not conscious of it at the moment, can actually disrupt this process.  If you are desiring more money, but have a blocking belief related to money being scarce or you being undeserving of it, you can literally block the flow.  What you ask for cannot be received.  It is not that it was not sent, it is that you are quite literally blocking the thing you desire.

The truth is that we create all of the time and most often, we are absolutely unaware of it.  Our traumas, our programmed beliefs about life and self, can have an enormous impact on our manifestation successes.  Many feel manifestation does not ‘work for them’.  It does.  We all create.  What is often  most needed is that we have to learn to unbury blocks and heal core wounds.  In truth, creating abundance is truly a healing process.  It can be painful.  However, it is crucial to truly recognizing one’s worth and being able to design the life we want.

In my effort to spread Abundance, as we all are deserving of living a fulfilled life, I posted the workbook on my website for FREE.  It is my gift to anyone who wants it as we navigate this transition into a higher state of living.  I invite you to use it to identify your own blocks and begin consciously creating in your life. I hope you find it helpful in your journey.




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