Empaths, Intuitives, and HSP’s


Welcome. I am glad to see you here. I imagine that you are here seeking understanding because you feel so alone, so misunderstood, and so different from others. Though you are different, it is not in the negative way that you worry about. Here is what I know about you as an Empath:

You invest all of your energy in what you do.  You prioritize other people’s needs over your own.  As an Empath, you are highly compassionate and struggle when those around you are in pain.  You might even experience difficulty in differentiating what is yours and others.  Being empathic, you may feel worthless at times and that you are faking through some or all parts of life. You get overwhelmed by strong emotions, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere. That stresses you and those around you. You are repeatedly told you are ‘too sensitive’ and are labeled as being too emotionally intense. You know you respond differently to things and perhaps you wonder why that is. You feel like you are living on the outside looking in at everyone else.

You struggle with fears of burdening others with your needs so you often choose to not share them. Most people don’t seem to understand or care anyway. This makes you feel anxious, stressed and disconnected. You desire more meaningful connection with others and when you do reach out for that, you are told you are ‘too needy’. You often feel empty and like you’re surrounded by people who just want to take from you. You are there for others when they are hurting. However, no one seems to be there for you when you most need it. You feel like your generosity is exploited and it is starting to really hurt you. You want to stop it but don’t know how.

We both know that you are insightful and seeking knowledge. You sense that it is time to change.  You are scared of what this might mean but you are more afraid of doing nothing. You have this need to be your authentic self and to feel accepted. You feel a pulling towards something though you might not be sure of what that is at this moment. You believe that you have a purpose in life and you want to identify what that is. You want to create a life of meaning and fulfillment. You are nervous and apprehensive to hope that I can actually help you because you’ve been so hurt and disappointed in the past. I understand. I have helped others in similar situations.

I understand that you may have even sought out therapy in the past only to leave it feeling misunderstood, disappointed and judged. That is why I created a therapy approach specific to match your needs as an empath and your expanded awareness (those ‘woo woo’ parts of you that you hide). Your sensitivity and intuitive gifts, often mislabeled as being negative, are celebrated and honored in our work. They are an essential part of you and of your growth.

Our work together can help you to move past negative patterns that you have outgrown, resolve past trauma from whatever timeline of your experience, and to help you feel whole and happy in your being. It is time for you to reconnect to your emotional compass, it is your guide on your path of life, and I can help teach you how to use your creative energies to manifest the life that you envision for yourself.