Empaths, Intuitives, and HSP’s

I welcome you here. Though we have not yet met,  I wager you are a person that tends to prioritize other people’s needs over your own.  As an Empath, you are highly compassionate and struggle when those around you are in pain.  Boundaries and balance prove difficult. You might struggle in discerning what is yours and what is others.  There might be felt pain around the term “too sensitive”. Empaths have a deep ability to perceive and thus, you find you respond differently to things when compared to others. 

If you are here, I imagine you are seeking guidance and resources. You sense that it is time to change.  You might feel excited by this, potentially even terrified, but you know not doing anything is simply not an option. You want to create a life of meaning, connection and fulfillment. You are looking for the tools and people who you know can help you.

As you likely intuited from my page, I am also an intuitive. A great passion and calling of mine is helping others in their journey. I tend to serve as both a healer and an activator.  I am a bridge, supporting both earth plane and higher dimensional work as needed.  

I invite you to snoop about. You are most welcome to check out my different service options as well as the various free resources posted.  You may also directly reach out with any questions.




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