Co-Dependency and Attachment Wounds

Struggling with co-dependency? Feeling incredibly alone?  Ricocheting from one painful relationship to another? Pouring your heart into those you love–only to feel rejected, abandoned and unloved?  Have you been labeled as needy, clingy or even demanding? Not sure where it is going wrong and afraid it will never get better? Feeling hurt, embarrassed and hopeless?

You want a deep and meaningful connection and yet, it all seems so elusive.  You feel like you try and it all ends the same way:  With you alone.  You feel a deep loneliness and void in your being.  You are afraid to be vulnerable for fear of being rejected once again.  The pain is unbearable.  You are terrified that you may be alone for the rest of your life.  The one thing you do know is that you need help and guidance out of this painful place.  It is time to shed these patterns of co-dependency.  I understand and I can help you.

Our work together will help you to learn to shift from co-dependency to an interdependent style of relating.  You do not have to sacrifice you or your emotional needs in pursuit of meaningful connection.  Quite the opposite is needed.  I can help you to identify and resolve the relational patterning that is blocking you from the very love  that you seek.  Our work together may include exploring and resolving attachment wounds, boundary identification and struggles, and emphasis on resolving communication barriers.  You will learn to navigate, communicate, and manage relational dynamics in a more balanced and sustainable manner.   No more investment in people or relationships that hurt you.  All of our work together will enable you to develop the skills to cultivate that stable, compassionate, and fulfilling relationship you desire.


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