People Pleasing and Perfectionism

You are perfectionistic in nature and likely a people pleaser. You worry more about others and may forget your most basic needs.   You often feel exhausted and completely drained.  You tell yourself you should feel happier and more grateful.  You have a lot going for you but you lack true joy.

Anxiety and fear take over some days.  You mask your pain with frozen smiles and laughter.  Sharing your pain or feelings might seem burdensome.  You are terrified of failing and you have this overwhelming pressure to do BETTER or MORE.  You are terrified that if you don’t, then everything will fall apart.  You feel responsible for it all. Perfectionism often leads to overwhelming shame and fear.

You need balance. You want to feel more energized and more at peace. You want to remember you and reconnect to things that bring you happiness.   As a people pleaser, self-care tends to feel selfish.  How liberating it would be to have space and time to take care of you without the guilt.   

I can help.  I know your schedule is busy and likely you are already feel like there is not time for anything else. You are worth it. You deserve the same love you gift everyone else. It is time. No more putting it off!  Schedule below and let’s get started.   





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