You are here, reading this page, because you are seeking something.  You want something more or different even if you cannot verbalize what that is. Perhaps you experience that need more as a feeling than a knowing of what it actually looks like.   However, you do know that you are not happy with the way things are right now and that you want and need change.  You might even be a little scared of what it means and of what might happen.  Even positive change can be scary.  Regardless, we both know you are hurt and are so tired of carrying around that pain.  It is heavy, suffocating at times, and sometimes you worry that you will crumble under its weight. 

You want more but are not sure how to move out of your pain. You might feel afraid that no one can help you. You are scared that it cannot or will not get better. You want to love and to feel loved. You are so tired of faking it through life. It is too exhausting and empty feeling. You want to feel like you pretend to on your social media. You want to feel genuine and real. You want purpose in your life. You want to wake up and feel like you have a real reason to get out of bed each day.

There is no magic stick but I do have the resources to help you. Even if you feel like therapy or healing services did not help, I invite you to try again. This time, with me and with different results. Most people find relief when they unstick themselves and feel like they are finally moving towards what they want. My goal is to teach you the tools to do just that.

Though this may not sound true to you now, you are a whole and complete person. All healing, at its core, is truly self-healing.  You are unique, your needs and goals specific to you, so a  “one size fits all’ philosophy is simply not going to be a match for you.  I understand that you are ready to do this deeper level work and are seeking out someone serious and capable of helping you with this journey.  You are hoping and exploring if I am, in fact, this person for you.

I invite you to check out the various services  I offer so that you can determine if any of them resonate with you.   To learn more about me, and to feel out if I might be a match for you, please click the link below.