You are here, reading this page, because you are seeking something.  You want something more (or different) even if you cannot identify what that is. Perhaps you experience that need more as a feeling than a knowing of what it actually looks like.   You do know that you are not happy with the way things are right now and that you want and need change.  You are tired of carrying around that pain.  Your hurt is heavy and sometimes you worry that you will crumble under its weight. 

We all tend to approach life with a ‘script’, an established self-narrative and world view, which influences how we perceive ourselves and how we react to events and persons around us. These scripts are based on past experiences and are such an integral part of our being that we are often unaware of them or their influence. Thus, we may be blinded to unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving–not recognizing how limiting and disruptive these patterns may be. Despite our greatest efforts, we may find ourselves ‘stuck’ and uncertain of how to move forward.  It is my goal to help you rewrite these oppressive scripts into stories of personal success and growth.

You intuitively already recognize the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. They are so strongly interrelated that when one begins to decline, the others frequently follow. For example, you likely know and feel a specific part of body that holds stress for you.  You have experienced first-hand how pain and illness impacts your mood.  You have moments where you have felt drained, anxious and so sad that you wonder how you will make it through your day.

I believe that you are a whole and complete person.  I also support the idea that all healing is self-healing.  You are unique and because of your individual greatness, and your specific needs,  I do not subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy.  Please check out the various services I offer to help you on your journey and determine if any of them resonate with you. 


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