You may contact me directly to schedule a session. Payment must be issued in advance or at the beginning of session.

Investment  My standard fee is $150 per one hour session.  There may be times when it is appropriate to schedule a longer session.  I am open to this and can discuss payment agreements at that time.

Payment:  All session fees are due by the beginning of each meeting. Payment may be made by debit, credit or HSA card. All changes incurred are the responsibility of the client. Prior to our first session, I send you a secure link to an encrypted app which prompts you to enter you card information and safeguards it.  All sessions will be charged to that card unless otherwise agreed upon. It is super convenient and provides a medical receipt for all expenses paid.

Insurance: I am a bulldog when it comes to your information and confidentiality.  As such, I do NOT accept insurance.  The main reasons being that as part of agreeing to take insurance, they retain the rights to dictate that you be assigned a clinical diagnosis, they regulate how often we can meet and for how long, they can access your most sensitive information at their request and for their company use, and dictate the costs of our sessions. 

As a fee-for-service provider, you and I have the freedom to develop a plan that is solely focused on you and your unique needs.  The focus remains on providing the highest quality of services.  Unless you choose to disclose it, no one needs to know of our work together.

Upon request, I  am able to provide to you, directly, a superbill for paid visits that you attended.  You can then, in turn, submit this yourself to your insurance plan to determine and seek Out of Network (OON) benefits.  I am unable to verify or determine what that might be and that question is best posed to your member services listed on the back of your insurance card.

Cancellation Policy:  If needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so more than 24 hours in advance. Cancellations or missed appointments under 24 hours will