Growing Your Intuitive Gifts

You are intuitive and are on a journey of healing and understanding.  Are you having strange or unexplained experiences and you are not sure what to make of them? Feeling a huge emotional purging and finding yourself questioning your once reality? Perhaps you find yourself challenging everything you thought was real and now, as nothing seems to be as it once was. It is confusing and disorienting. 

It is quite possible you are feeling alone in this experience and are afraid to reach out. You might, at times, even find yourself questioning your sanity. I mean, hearing/seeing/experiencing things others cannot can be quite unnerving at times. I understand that you are seeking answers and knowledge. You would not be here, reading this, if that were not that case. I am here to assist you in understanding this new normal and to learn how to navigate this great intuitive awakening.

You are not crazy.  Your intuitive gifts are your guides.  It is of utmost importance that you find someone who understands this about you.  No negative labeling or diagnosing.  My work focuses on helping you to tap into your abilities, as they are your greatest sources of healing and guidance.  We can also help you to learn how to better manage the flow, limit those overwhelming or low periods of emotions, and manifest your life from a consciously aware space.  It is time to create. You were born for this.


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