Meet JoAnna Smith

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

In healing, the About Me page is really about you and if you feel like there is an us. Let me help you decide if my counseling and coaching service approach vibes with you.

I am a compassionate intuitive with grit.  I also happen to be a counselor. I refer to myself as a ‘digger”.  We go where we need to (not always want to) and do real and meaningful work.  I do not do bandaid fixes and honestly, I do not know how.  Simply stated, we dig to the core, release what does not serve you, and build up what you need and want.   You then go off on your own and lead that amazing life you just created.  

I have to admit that I do not do ‘traditional therapy’.  I do offer a new experience: A synergetic blend of  transformative coaching, counseling and intuitive healing.  I am organic in my approach as it differs by person. My role is to hold space for you to do the most sensitive and raw work.  I do this in all aspects of my healing work.  I may also serve to be your most honest mirror that exposes all needed parts of you–reflecting those bits that can be hidden, painful and hard to look at.  As you likely know, these are often the very things that trip you and block you on your path.  This is quite a delicate dance and my training has afforded me the skills that I can, in turn, teach you. The truth is that all of your healing and changing is truly done by you. I am merely a guide or coach in the process.

I have learned through my years of counseling that the invisible pattern that connects me to others is THEIR desire for core level change and the belief that I am the person to help them do it.  I seem to attract people like you who recognize that they are multi-dimensional in nature. Many people I have worked with have expressed relief in us creating this healing connection as they have had negative and disappointing counseling experiences in the past. I understand the hesitation in starting this journey.  Positive change can be scary and hurt at times. Past ‘failed’ experiences in counseling can yield even more fear about reaching out . 

I happily report that I am bilingual: I speak both heart-talk and head-talk.  Whether you live in your heart space and feel ruled by emotions OR spend most of your time in headspace, I can speak your speak.  

If in reading this you feel that nudge, the inner voice signaling “Yes!”, I invite you to call, email me or schedule a meeting.  That is often the next best step to figuring out the “us” and the “how”.

I appreciate that you are just trying to figure out right now if I can even help you.  If you find it helpful, please refer below to a summary of my education and training. However, I suspect that you likely already have a strong feeling of whether we are a match.


Specialized Training

MA in Counseling Psychology, University of St. Thomas
Post Master’s Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, University of St. Thomas
Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
Somatic Experiencing and Processing for Trauma Resolution
Clinical Hypnosis
EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Master Level Reiki Practitioner
Sound Therapy and Healing




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