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Angel Numbers and Synchronicity

During 2012, during my personal awakening, there was a time I repeatedly awoke at 333 am.  Day after day, I would wake up, look at the clock, and note the time.  It actually unnerved me as I had assumed it was a negative thing (Forgive me, I was so new to this).   I could not understand what was happening but I knew it was significant.

These number synchronicities changed.  For example, there was an event, prior to my 333 Awakening year, where I became very  aware of how toxic my body was. I signed up and did a whole foods detox.  The experience really hammered home to me how what I ate impacted both what I felt physically and emotionally.  Following that program, I signed up as a member at my local coop.  On 1/11/11, I signed up and was given my member number 11111.  I remember startling about how it matched the date.  It wasn’t until many years later that I truly understood the significance of all of this as this was a game changer in my whole world. These numbers were reflecting this though I did not comprehend that until much later.

I have repeatedly worked with clients who express surprise and confusion about seeing a series of numbers repeatedly.  Time stamps, license plates numbers, amounts on receipts–they can literally emerge anywhere.  It can feel weird and disconcerting.

These numbers are called angel numbers and they are meant to be a form of communication with us.   They often emerge when we are struggling and/or considering some significant life choices and directions.  They are meant to signal support and guidance.

The Universe, Source, or whatever you prefer to call that divine energy, is always communicating with us. The struggle at hand is we are often disconnected or missing the messages.  Once you realize that these numbers are significant, you often receive MORE numbers and messaging.  My joke to clients is that energy celebrates establishing a channel and uses that channel quite frequently.  Like a ‘finally!”.  Source is infinitely patient with us though I like to state I am pretty sure my spirit guides would like to fire me.  It can feel frustrating here on this earth plane as we navigate this dense energy.

There are days, especially when I am facing a huge life choice, where I have received up to 15 numbers a day.  For me, variations of the same numbers (111, 222, 333, etc) or a series (111, 211, 311,etc). This is overwhelming and generally, I see it more as a statement of support.  One can look up the numbers to verify their significance but seriously, looking up 15 a day proved too much.  I was once told that the various of 11’s were like ‘pillars’ of support.  So, when I see this, I merely interpret it as that.  I have learned the other ones are sometimes coaching, especially 111 and 1111.  I use them as a guidance system of sometimes when to push (do), standstill and reflect, and to connect to my higher self and look for intuitive nudges that serve as my compass.

This is simply meant as an introduction to the concept of angel numbers and their purpose.  If you are receiving them, please note you are receiving messages of love and support.  The guiding system is always leading you TOWARDS something that serves you best.  My encouragement is to steer away from any negative messages or warnings attached to these numbers if you research these.  I have come across some resources where the messages are delivered in a negative or scary manner.  That is not how divine energy communicates.  We are loved, supported and being guided towards greater living.  We are not being punished–though I truly understand it can feel that way. Life can prove tough and very painful. That is most often when you see these numbers. It is a message of love, support and that you are not alone.

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