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I have been a therapist for over 15 years.  Even from the beginning, I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I am not huge on assigning labels to people.  I saw things more from a holistic and positive perspective.  I was more relaxed and relational in my demeanor.  However, it was during my awakening process in 2012 that I realized at the core, I was really doing energy healing.  All of the training and healing modalities I learned were mind-body based.  As my caseload morphed only into to awakened intuitives, I began to realize my ‘real’ purpose.

In my own healing, more energy based in nature, multiple professionals remarked as to the peculiarity of my chosen field.  I found that curious but it was not until recently that I truly understood I was meant to have acquired the training that I did, afforded by my education and license, and to ‘catch’ certain people who have been trained within the medical model to seek certain help via the counseling field.

At present time, I have a strong knowing that I am serving as a bridge between 3D and 5D living.  With my counseling background, I have the ability to teach people skills to navigate 3D living more easily.  I have a lot of training in trauma and it is my role to help people clear the ‘ick’ so they can level up, ascend, and shift up higher timelines.  I am a Reiki healer and an Intuitive with her own gifts.  I can perceive pain points and trauma of others,  programmed negative belief systems, and am here to assist people in clearing out what does not serve them and to advance themselves in their own life.

In the recent years, I have slowly backed out of the traditional model of counseling.  One big shift was moving away from insurance.  Many clients do not understand the true cost of insurance: The limits, requirements, and ability to hold the most important information about a person against that same individual.  Moving to a cash based practice allowed me the freedom to pull in the “woo”, as it pertains to the client, with no forced diagnosing.  It affords flexibility in meeting client needs.  However, it narrows the meeting pool to those willing and wanting to pay for the service directly.

The other issue at hand is I still do not conform to the traditional counseling model.  Talking about 5D living, channeling abilities, etc falls outside the scope of typical counseling.  My lens is different: I see things from an energy perspective v. an obligatory diagnostic stance.  Meaning, if a person hears voices, I am not automatically defaulting to assuming SPMI (Severe and Persistent Mental Illness).  So, how do I explain this to peers or even my licensing board?  That is a valid questions.

In my own journey, I am slowly realizing I do not fit a specific box.  Coaching best describes what I do but still does not fit.  Energy work also fits but does not encompass all that I do.  I am a blend of many modalities.  So how do I label it so others can understand?  Then there is the legality of what I call it and the implications of that for me as a provider.

I believe I have created a healing modality that pulls from my training, my intuitive abilities as a person, and my energy training.  It is a synthesis quite unique to me.  It is a fantastic match for the clients that I see. I still yet have the words or terms to describe it concisely.  I am working that.  Regardless, client that are an energetic match still find me. The healing is still performed and achieved.  The universe is very much supporting my endeavors.  I am also being encouraged to support those looking to do the same thing.

I have, by accident, fallen into a coaching modality of supporting other providers in their pursuits. This has included psychologists, nurses, doctors, coaches, dentists, energy healers, and chiropractors. After a pile up of over ten people, I started to recognize the need for this.  Please forgive me, I can be quite dense and it can take a lot sometimes for me to see the message.

I believe there is a wave of awakened professionals moving away from old paradigms and finding the current medical model as stagnant and limited.  Many are intuitives, have found their gifts and voice, and are being called to create a new model unique to themselves.  I am being called to support these healers in developing their vision and moving past fears or barriers.  If you are one of these professionals, I get it. I have gone through my version of this journey.  To be honest, it is still an ever evolving processing with no end in sight.  I have also created a platform, a mentoring service, to assist you in your journey.  This can include the logistics of developing and launching this practice to unpacking any emotional barriers or fears in doing so.   If you are being called to action, please be assured there are others like you.

If you are seeking support or guidance, feel free to check out the mentoring service I offer.  It is part of my platform called Living By Design.  We are creative beings and some of us are being called to create new systems that offer advanced healing modalities for those awakened and seeking more than the traditional medical system can provide.

Wanting to learn more?  Perhaps you are considering working together. I invite you to connect by clicking below.


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