Intuitive and Empathic Children


Raising Intuitive and Empathic Children


As part of my practice, I work with children.  As an intuitive myself, I know how I felt and how I was responded to as a child growing up.  I was an 80’s kid  One could say that my experiences sensitized me to the fact that so many intuitive kids feel alone, different and scared.  Drawing upon my own experiences, and those of the adults I work with, we can safely summarize that growing up intuitive as a child was difficult.  Quite brutal for some. I was easily pegged as being ‘too sensitive’, defiant, and it felt heavy to have a greater awareness than those adults around me.

Fast forward to present time:  I work with both intuitive adults and intuitive children.  I am raising my own intuitive kids.  It can be quite the challenge to manage our own personal stuff while simultaneously not projecting our said stuff onto our kids AND supporting them in their own journey.  I get it.  There is not much out there on how to support and love our intuitive kids.  I know many parents are concerned about their children having similar experiences as them and are wanting more/different for their own kids.  There is also that difficult balance of wanting to support and protect these beautiful souls who are very perceptive of the ugly of the world.

Here are some general considerations.  This is not an exhaustive list as each child is unique.  However, these are some patterns and suggestions to reflect on:

  1. The Intuitive Children of today were born at a high energetic level.  Essentially, they are already at 5D or higher.  It is not to say they are more advanced that us adults but the simplest way I explain it is that they were born at the level we worked up to.  They are highly perceptive and very gifted.  It can be quite challenging for them to navigate this 3D world when they operate at much higher levels.
  2. Intuitive Children are here to help us ascend.  They are small beings but they are fierce. They are here to help lead us.  Sometimes hard to reconcile when looking at a small and vulnerable child.  They are wise and knowing.
  3. Intuitive Children do not respond well to a lot of electronics.  They are very sensitive in their sensory system.  Tv, tablets, etc can have a more intense impact on them.  This can easily show up in their mood and behaviors. They are very sensitive to the negativity in news, movies, video games and shows.
  4. Intuitive Children need nature.  This helps them and their body ground and shift energy. Being outside, animals, rocks, plants etc are vital to them. I wager you see the difference when they have this time.
  5. Intuitive Children SEE.  They are very aware of the hurt and broken systems of life.  They are actually here to help challenge these unhealthy paradigms, rip them down, and build new ones.  You will observe them struggling with the ‘whys’ of things.  Some have energy that directly challenges this and they are observed to power struggle with authority. They question and/or challenge everything.
  6. Intuitive Children struggle in managing their bodies.  Due to their high level of perception and highly sensitive nervous system, these kids often are viewed as intensely emotions, socially shy, ADD/ADHD, non-attentive, and even disruptive.  They have a lot of energy moving through their bodies and they struggle in knowing how to manage the waves.  They are greatly misunderstood and misdiagnosed.
  7. Intuitive Children are challengers of the systems.  Thus, when in them, they often struggle.  The biggest arena I see this show up in is school.   The rules, the expectations, the emotional stress can greatly impact them, their mood, and their sense of self.   This is the leading reason intuitive children are referred to me.
  8. Intuitive Children know they are different from peers.  They often seem emotionally advanced and struggle in relating with peers as they are hurt or saddened by the typical developmental patterns we see.   Intuitive Children operate at a higher level and often experience conflict with their peer group.
  9. Intuitive Children often verbalize experiences, knowings, or questions that can make parents uncomfortable.  Parents often struggling in knowing how to be present or respond.  This is a huge support area that I work with parents in bolstering in: How to have uncomfortable conversations.


Alright.  So what to do with all of this?  One of the most critical aspects for these kids is that they feel accepted, understood and listened to by their parents.  They chose you for a reason.  You are here reading this because you are looking for ways to be supportive and present and that this the most critical lifeline.  It can be hard to watch them struggle but their relationship with you, the quality of it, is the most buffering aspect of their life.  Even if they face stress, they will learn to navigate it with your support.  They are some of my best clients as they are so eager to learn strategies to do so.  Once they learn to work with the intensity of their own being and experiences, these children flourish.  Their differences can be seen as strengths and not limitations.  They are not meant to fit smoothly in the current systems of life.  They are, in fact, here to challenge them (sometimes from within the system itself) and create changes that benefit us all.

If you are needing support or more specific guidance, I invite you to seek out assistance.   I created a specialized service to help support these children, teach them skills, and to strengthen you as the parent. No clinical labels or judgments.  Rather, practical and helpful suggestions to help you and your child navigate life with less stress and worry.


Needing more?  Feel free to check out my podcast EVOLV here


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