Dimensional Jumping: Two Cup Method

Dimensional Jumping:  Shift Timelines Using the Two Cup Method


Many people are waking up and becoming aware they they are the creators of their reality.  Some are really attempting to seek information to hone their practice of manifestation or to, quite literally, jump dimensions.   Some people do not recognize that using Law of Attraction, or Manifesting, is actually a process of shifting timelines.  What the heck does that mean?  I am about to get very woo.

Check out my prior article on Manifestation here if you need more background information on what that means or general principles.  If you are familiar with the process of Manifestation, you likely already know that one of the biggest suggestions is to act as if the thing you want to create is already happening. However, most people believe they are calling in that aspect of living into their present life.  Guess what?  You are not.  What you are actually doing is pulling forward a different timeline where that aspect is present.

To understand, just imagine an infinite amount of timelines running simultaneously  Imagine them stacked like various movie streams, one on top of the other, all playing at the same time but depicting different variations of the same story.  Those closest to one another are most similar in energy.  Thus, the often suggested principle of manifestation of  “act as if”  what you want is already happening, is actually  a process which magnetizes the timeline you want towards  your current one.  The universe then creates an opportunity, an energetic bridge, to cross over to that timeline.  Those bridges or gates can trigger elation or even fear.  But, since the timelines are so close,  the overall disruption is contained.

Dimensional jumping, however, can be a process where you jump to timelines that are VERY different.  This can result in undesired changes that would not be predicted as the two timelines are very different.  Those who have engaged in dimensional jumping have reported both exhilarating and stressful experiences. Many will create safety nets or protocols around dimensional jumping.

Whether you are looking to manifest or to jump dimensions,  you can use the TWO CUP METHOD.  Here is how it works:

  1. Place two cups before you.
  2. Place water in the first cup.  This first cup represents your current timeline and conditions.
  3. Hold the first cup, with water, and think/feel your present timeline.  What is happening? How are you feeling? Spend time in energetic resonance with the present.
  4. Pour the water of the first cup into the second cup.
  5. While holding the second cup, imagine the timeline you are wanting.  Imagine how that would look and feel.  FEEL it in that moment as though you are living it.  This is called being in resonance with it.  This is literally a method to energetically call it to you and you need to be a match to life on that plane.  Spend some time in that space focusing on what you WANT (not want you don’t want).
  6. Drink the water.
  7. LEAVE IT ALONE. Do not repeat.  Do not sit and loop about whether it will happen or not. Quite literally, put it on the shelf and go about your day.  Be mindful and alert to any opportunities or shifts that may emerge.  Do not look for them per se, but remain aware.

It is critical that you leave this aspect of what you want to manifest alone as when we tend to loop or hyperfocus, we may start to push/pull energetically and it actually complicates things.  By using the Two Cup Method, being in energetic resonance when you do so, you literally pushed the button on the elevator.  However, you do have to wait.  The struggle is how long.  That aspect is unknown and could prove to be unpredictable. It is, however, important for you to have what may feel like blind faith or belief that it will happen. It just might not be as fast as you are hoping for but do not let that discourage you. That is why we need to leave it alone.  Feeding that worry or disbelief slows it all down.

This article is intended more for beginners or those looking to shift up timelines.  To aid this process, I would encourage you do this method with small jumps at first.  Meaning, if you are looking to manifest abundance (money), perhaps your first jump is to increase your wage by a specific amount (e.g. 15K).  This helps limiting potential barriers or programmed beliefs from blocking.  Be alert to opportunities as these are the bridges to the next timeline.  Yes, it means you have to take action and make a leap when it is presented.  If you reject it or dismiss it because it scares you, was not what you thought it would be (it rarely ever is), you have effectively just refused the gateway to the next timeline.  There is a responsibility to make that leap and sometimes, it is scary feeling.  However, you will find with practice that these crossovers can be trusted and that truly, what you requested becomes part of your reality.


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