Law of Attraction: How It Really Works

Law of Attraction:  How to Manifest


Many people that I have worked with first get exposed to the concept of Law of Attraction either by watching the movie, or reading the book, “The Secret”.  There is a resonance for many when coming across this information. The truth is, we manifest all of the time.  Mostly unknowingly.  There are some who have fine tuned this and seemingly have more influence on the process.  I wanted to write this to help you as there really is no ‘secret’ per se.  That being said, manifesting is not as simple as simply placing an order of what you want.

What is first needed is to understand that a thought is a thing.  Yes, a thing.  Where you place your attention, which is essentially your energy, creates.  Meaning, if you constantly think about something, in a particular way, you are actually creating that image.  I am not referencing random and fleeting thoughts that pass and go. I am more talking about thought loops.

If you were to pay attention to what you thinking about, you would notice that you place attention, energy and emotion in that direction.  Many people who begin practicing manifestation freak out that if they have a negative thought or feel poorly, even for a short bit of time, they will manifest the thing they are fearing.  It does not exactly work in that manner.  It is more about how much time and energy you spend in that space.  Furthermore, feeling poorly actually helps us become aware of ‘blocks’.

I have observed many people I know, both personally and in the work that I do, complain that manifestation does not work for them.  It is not true. We all do it. But what that typically signals to me is that someone is likely hitting a block or is not understanding how it really operates.  Manifestation is not just about thinking and placing an order of what you want.  Manifestation is created from HOW YOU FEEL.  If you want to manifest money but have deep seeded doubt or disbelief that you can attain money, that money is scarce, that money can only be had if you earn it.  Guess what, you will not manifest it.  Law of Attraction operates by being an energetic match to you feelings and beliefs, not just thoughts.  Thus, if you ‘place an order’ for some abundances but you really feel that an abundant life is a rare thing–what you feel about it is what will manifest.  Thus, we essentially block.  It can prove difficult as sometimes these deep beliefs are so programmed, so entrenched in how we view the world, that they actually fall outside of our awareness.

Here are some common blocks I observe in the people I work with:

  • Scarcity:  Money and abundance is limited.  This can be especially true if anyone was exposed to a negative narrative around money (e.g. not having it, parents or caretakers vocalizing not having it, feeling restricted by it).
  • Worthiness:  Feelings of deserving.  I will tell you, whether you ‘think’ it or not, those hurts, doubts and traumas rub up against our ability to manifest.
  • Shame/Guilt:  Feelings that it is more altruistic to go without than to have. Feelings or fears that a person having ‘takes away’ from those who don’t (this relates back to scarcity).
  • Patterns of obtaining;  Money has to be made or taken.  You have to ‘work hard’ or multiple jobs to acquire abundance or wealth.  Or you were born into.   It is not seen as an ever flowing river we can all drink from.
  • Emotional Blocks:  Often we try to manifest when stressed.  Instead of being in emotional resonance to what we want, we try to order up something while residing in the motivating fear or anxious emotion.  Again, the universe serves up what you are an emotional and energetic match to.
  • Managing 3d/5d living:  This is quite the feat.  While trudging around this 3d life, worrying about the logistics of living, people are simultaneously trying to access and live at a higher vibrational level.  It can feel like you are straddling two different worlds.  A big principle for manifestation is to act like you are already living a life that contains the things you want.  Very difficult to feel like you are living an abundant life while facing losing your home.
  • Change:  Often times, the thing we manifest emerges as an opportunity.  Many people may refuse it as they fear the change and the potential ripple effect of that change within their life.  A common example is someone wants to be happy in their job and earn more.  However, they want the present job to change v. be open to a new job possibility that may require one’s life to reorganize around it.  I have witnessed many people reject the very thing they asked for as it did not fit the specific mind contract of what they thought it ‘should’ be.  Manifestation simply does not work like that.

This list could be quite endless.  The aforementioned patterns are the most prevalent.  What I really suggest is doing the work to find and locate your blocks.  Most of my own clients have become adept and intentional with manifestation after unpacking the hurt/fear and programming that has blocked it.  Why?  Because we manifest ALL THE TIME.  However, this may be from a place of fear and limited thinking and thus, what we manifest matches that and not what we are truly seeking.

I work with people on this topic all of the time.  Being a therapist, I worked so many years with people on trauma, anxiety, and managing emotions.  As an intuitive and energy healer, I feel I serve as a bridge between 3d and 5d living.  I help people blend the full spectrum of being of both experiences.

In an effort to help those dig deeper, I created a FREE workbook to help you identify barriers to Abundance and to develop a more solid manifestation practice.  Feel free to download your copy below! My gift to YOU!

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