Spiritual Awakening: Signs You Are Waking Up

Awakening Symptoms

These are unprecedented times. In the past years, there has been a quickening in people being called to action, their internal sense and drive toward doing something or serving some purpose. The chaos of now is only expediting this process.

There is a common misconception that the awakening process, coming into the knowing and remembering of all of you, is this enlightened experience. Truthfully, it is more like a horrifying roller coaster ride on which you are white knuckling and hyperventilating. It can feel awful at times and most people question if they are going crazy. You are not, I assure you. But the process yields experience that can overwhelm, confuse, and sometimes startle. Additionally, you start to question everything and everyone. Things no longer make sense as they once did. Though this can be incredibly confusing, it is a positive thing.

Wondering if you are going through this Awakening process? First, if you are here reading this, I would suggest the answer is yes. The universe is funny like that. It will help and lead you to the answers you are seeking. But to of service to you in this time, here are some common signs and symptoms that you are in an Awakening journey.

You are feeling more and more intensely: To a point of being overwhelmed and flooded. You might find this in response to events and people around you. Also very likely an emotional bubbling up from deep within that can confuse as you may not quite understand what it is attached to.

Sudden behavior or attitudinal shifts: Perhaps you no longer feel motivated to engage in past hurtful patterns of relating or being. You might find yourself to be more thoughtful and concerned about others.

Less distracted with materialism: You might feel less concerned or motivated by acquiring things. They are cool but you are more interested in non-tangible things. There might be a focus of going within and really working and growing on yourself. You might find yourself drawn to ‘woo woo’ stuff and start experimenting with mindfulness/meditation.

Resolution of trauma and pain: You are becoming more self aware and how negative patterns are no longer serving you. You are feeling compelled to work on the trauma, pain, and themes that you may have shelved for years. You want to move past surviving to thriving.

Your belief in contentedness is changing: You are starting to sense that we and everything are inner-connected. We are one. To help others is to help oneself and vice versa. There may be a growing acceptance and patience that did not once exist for you.

Increased Intuition: Perhaps you are experiencing things you did as a child. Or, you are suddenly having strange and unexplained experiences. Seeing, hearing and sensing things you were not able to before.

Increased Synchronicity: Find yourself thinking or yearning for something and suddenly, it just lines up before you? Perhaps you are thinking of someone and they call you. Or you start to achieve things never thought possible and it feels like the universe is throwing opportunities at you.

Authentic Living: You find yourself less concerned with what people tell you to do, how things ‘should’ be, and feel compelled to make choices that deeply reflect you and your way of being. Not living in a way that resonates with you most causes great distress.

Greater Self Awareness: You are noticing yourself observing and questioning your patterns more, evaluating their purpose and usefulness, and seeking to navigate life with more peace. You own your ‘stuff” and find yourself learning to differentiate your needs in moments and working on being the best version of you–without projecting your unresolved issues onto others.

Reduction in Fear: You find yourself feeling more at peace, contented, and trusting. There is a knowing you will be provided for even when things get intense and scary. You feel less attachment to outcomes or labels and there is a sense of knowing, stillness and connection brewing within.

These are just a handful of examples of what you might be experiencing. It is not limited to this. Our awakening journeys are unique but there are often common patterns within them. This is a great time for reflection. I highly encourage you to seek out any healing modality that resonates with you as it can be very helpful to unpack all of this. You contain all of the answers within you. But it can feel like a snow globe was turned upside down and shaken, causing us distress and confusion while we navigate this.

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