On-line Counseling

Feeling sad and hopeless? Lonely? Thinking you are worthless, broken or a failure? Feeling scared and ashamed and so alone in your pain? Perhaps you feel lost and uncertain that you will ever move out of this overwhelming place. Maybe you are waking up and feeling like it takes all of your energy just to fake it through your day. Dreading going home and finding yourself numbing in ways you know is unhealthy and you’re too embarrassed to tell others about?  Looking at your partner and having a hard time remembering what you liked about them?  Feeling desperate for anything that can provide some relief from this despair and pain? Thinking ‘crazy’ thoughts and are too afraid to think what that might mean.

You want to wake up feeling happy, energized and hopeful. You long to re-experience joy and excitement about your life. You want to remember what it is like to love and trust, and even more so, to feel loved. You want to feel like you have meaningful connection and purpose in your life. You dream of feeling whole, appreciated, and valued.

Though you wish there was a magic wand to rid you of this hurt, you know such change is an investment and that our work together can help you obtain this happiness you seek.

With everything going on, you are likely wondering how you can fit therapy into your hectic schedule.  I have made it easy for you:  We meet virtually through a secure platform and in the most comfortable and private environment of your choosing.  It is called On-line Therapy and it is as effective as traditional in-person therapy but with the greatest flexibility and convenience.  Therapy does not have to feel like just another thing to have to do. No commute, no scheduling stress, and no waiting room walks of shame.

Feel free to explore and snoop me and this site.  If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to call or schedule an appointment or consult today.  I am excited to help you start this journey.


Ready to Start?

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole person.”
― Maya Angelou