Leaving a Narcissist

It has taken you a long time to get to this spot: Wanting to leave. You have tried so hard to make it work–bending yourself into all different pretzel shapes to make the other person happy. No matter what you did, it was never good enough. You feel defeated, broken and like a failure. People don’t believe your stores–they think you’re exaggerating. You feel you are to blame. You are embarrassed and ashamed. You are not even sure who you are anymore. You cannot do this but you do not know what that even means. You feel anxious, confused and so beaten down.

I understand. I want to help. There is hope. I can teach you ways to communicate, set boundaries, and even more importantly, HEAL from all of this pain. You can learn to rebuild your sense of self and move that person’s negative, critical voice that has replaced your own narrative from your head. You can learn to create a life of peace, not worrying and trying to out maneuver the potential next attack. No more fear or feeling hostage to another person’s anger and contempt. You can be free to be you and know that you can do so.

I have helped others in similar situations. I invite you to reach out, to ask questions, to see if you feel I might be the match to help you.

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