Anxiety and Stress

You are tired of being told ‘ stop worrying too much’. This only irritates you and makes you feel more alone and judged. So you stop talking about your worries to others. People don’t get it anyway. You already know you overthink things. You just do not know how to stop it. You also feel like if you didn’t care, things would fall apart if left alone. You choke back tears a lot at work and at home. You are tired. You are really tired. You are tired of feeling tired. You find yourself lost in the ‘what-if’s’ and find that you cannot sleep at night. You stare at the ceiling, willing yourself to sleep, wishing you knew how to quiet that chatter in your mind. You might even drink or take sleep aids with the hope of waking up less drained. You look at others and wish you could be like them–carefree and seeming to enjoy life. You feel lost and stuck. Your body hurts. You get sick a lot. You know this is not good for you but you just do not know what to do anymore.

As strange as it sounds, anxiety is actually a normal and adaptive emotion. To some degree, anxiety likely motivated you and encouraged you to keep going when others would have stopped. However, you can learn to manage anxiety so it no longer manages YOU.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just switch off the anxiety like a light switch? I understand your worry is not a choice. You do not ‘choose’ to be so worried that your head and stomach hurts. However, I can help teach you skills to keep anxiety from taking over your life. This may include work around learning to be present and not in your head. To learn to set realistic goals and boundaries that allow for balance but continue to encourage you to be the productive person you are. Fear is a huge contributor to anxiety, this may include fear of criticism, disappointing others or of failure. You may be striving hard to avoid these painful situations and creating a negative loop that is even more hurtful to you. I can help you break this pattern and create a new one.

Our work focuses on learning to manage your anxiety so that you can be fully present. This means you will be capable of enjoying those small moments of life, feeling calm and relaxed. no intrusive thoughts or worries to ruin it all.

I can help you to feel more calm, balanced, and joyful. I invite you to call or email me and get started today.


“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”