Trauma and Loss

You have a heaviness in you. Sometimes you get flooded with despair, anger, anxiousness and panic, and it can seem to come out of nowhere. Your family, friends and partner tell you that you overreact a lot. They may even call you crazy. You feel like you just ‘snap’ sometimes. You do and say things you later regret. You fall into an emotional sinkhole and want to curl up and hide from everyone and everything. You feel broken, worthless, not good enough, and like a failure. You might even believe yourself to be unlovable and feel hopeless. The pain is heavy and permeates to the core of you. No matter what you do to not feel it, it still happens. Time and time again. You feel defeated and dread the time it happens again.

Positive affirmations do not work for you. They sound hollow and flat. You have tried. You may describe yourself as anxious or depressed. You have practiced and attempted all sorts of suggestions but none of them help. You may have seen therapists before but stopped going, leaving and feeling like nothing really got ‘fixed’. The same things just seem to keep happening. And that just makes you feel worse. Even more broken. Like you even failed therapy.

Imagine a life without those trauma triggers: Feeling loved, whole and confident in your being. You can learn to manage the emotional tides without those ugly explosions or drops. You can start to feel understood and appreciated in your relationships. You do, in fact, deserve that. I can help you to process that pain and out–finally ‘letting go’ like everyone tells you to do. Let’s clear your body and your heart of this pain you have been carrying around for so long. This will help you to feel like you are in control and that feeling emotions no longer has to be a scary or overwhelming thing. You can feel lighter in your being and finally free of these past events that weigh you down.

I am here to help and to offer you a different experience in therapy. I invite you to schedule a consult and let’s get started.