Intuition and the Clair’s

Intuition and the Clairs

Intuition is innate to all of us. However, some of us are more aware or more connected to our intuitive abilities. I intentionally write this article in more general language but feel free to adapt and accommodate it into your own belief systems and wording.

Some recognize up to 10 Intuitive abilities. Really, when it comes to energy, the possibilities are endless. That being said, I will focus on the most common FIVE that typically emerge in the work that I do.

  1. CLAIRCOGNIZANCE; This is reference to intuitive knowing. It is an understanding, specific knowledge, or a ‘knowing’ without explanation or physical reason. This may include information from the past or future. Common examples are: An ability to find lost objects, knowledge about a place never visited before, instant ideas or creative ‘downloads’, an inherent understanding of whether something is a good or negative idea.
  3. CLAIRVOYANCE: This is reference to intuitive vision. This includes the ability to see events, objects or events. Most often, this is what people envision when thinking of ‘psychic readings’. The ability can extend past current time (e.g. future, past). Common examples include: Seeing flashes, sparkles or things in the peripheral vision. We turn to look (with our physical eyes) to see nothing. We may see images in our brain, have dreams that predict or seem very real, colors (auras) around people, animals or places.
  4. CLAIRSENTIENCE: This is reference to intuitive knowledge by feeling. A person may feel the energy, vibration or emotion of a person, place or object. This information may include feeling or physical sensations (e.g. pain, illness). I often find reference to this by people noticing a ‘creepy’ feeling to a place or feeling drawn to another. Those experience are being given information through emotion and a major struggle, I have found, is to learn to separate own’s personal experience from the energy of others/outside. They can be confused as both are often experienced within a person’s body.
  5. CLAIRAUDIENCE: This is reference to intuitive hearing. This can include sounds related to people (their energy or vibration), objects, voices, and music. Common examples: Hearing your name called when alone, hearing music when none is playing, hearing messages/warnings, buzzing or ringing, etc.
  6. CLAIRSALIENCE: This is in reference to intuitive smell. One may smell scents that are not physically present in the immediate environment. Common example: I know of people who would smell the cologne/perfume of a deceased loved one, or flowers when they were praying, the smell of burning, or even aversive smells when in a place they felt uncomfortable.

I can honestly say that I have experienced all five of these. It is common to find we may be stronger or have more experiences in one or more of the senses than the others. Do not despair, you can learn to grow the other abilities as well.

My first memories as a child included seeing things, hearing things, simply knowing things, and feeling others. I did not understand and found it very confusing growing up. It sometimes scared me. Most of my fear emerged from not understanding what was happening and not having an outlet to talk about it.

As I aged, I become aware of my ability to ‘read’ others. What I did not understand was that this was a strong ability and not shared by all. Thus, I would notice that I had differing reactions to people and places than most others. Sometimes, I felt weird and wondered why others seemed to ignore the things I recognized. I learned, as I am stubborn, to listen to these messages as when I did NOT, I experienced a lot of pain and heartache.

In my healing work, these abilities have grown exponentially. I began to identify and interact with these abilities. I recognized a call to help others do the same as my counseling practice was flooded with intuitives. Part of my mission at present time is to help others heal and grow their NATURAL abilities–so often present as children but closed down/programmed out. as they aged. It is amazing to note that doing healing work and resolving harmful patterns results in an automatic strengthening in our intuitive abilities. I see it as a clearing of ‘stuff’ which allows us to better connect with our inner being.

It may be easy to dismiss intuitive experiences as coincidences or simply imagined. I invite you consider otherwise. These senses are very real and energy is always communicating with us. The messages and information, though uncomfortable and confusing at times, are always meant to aid us in our journey of life. Learning to tune in and have a dialogue with your abilities (with your inner self) can truly enhance your sense of thriving in life.

I encourage you to consider past or recent incidences of these abilities, maybe you dismissed them or they were dismissed by others, and I invite you to find your inner voice. It is your compass in life. In also encourage you to contact me, or any healer that you are drawn towards, for guidance in this healing journey if you feel that would be beneficial. You can never go wrong in investing in yourself. Sending healing and love your way.

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