Energy Psychology


I have worked in the healing industry for nearly 20 years. I have been practicing as a counselor for nearly 15 of those 20 years. As I have progressed in my field, I have been naturally attracted to specialized trainings that honor the mind-body connection and have seen tremendous results with those approaches. This has only reinforced my interest in learning more and my acquisition of a series of trainings that honor this (e.g. EFT Tapping, EMDR, Somatic Process, and Hypnosis).

In addition to being a trained counselor, I am an intuitive by nature. So, not too surprising that I was drawn to this field. I have an avid passion for healing work and a genuine love for those I work with. I believe this type of work to be my purpose in life.

However, as a therapist, my approach has always seemingly differed from many other professionals. I have always been really organic in my approach and comfortable in just remaining present and responsive to my client. I saw everything as a web of connecting patterns. What I came to understand with time, personal growth, and heightened awareness is that my intuition has always helped guide and enhance the work I do. Healing energy flows through me, offered by the universe, for the sole focus of being helpful or of service to others. I have always had an awareness that I was the vessel–the conduit for such energy–and my work was never ego-driven.

It was not until my own awakening that I realized energy healing has always been a component of my counseling work. I started to become aware of my ability to read other’s energy and that this was not necessarily standard in all counseling sessions. My clients would joke that I had an uncanny ability to read them and track their emotional space. Our work together would lead us into depths of healing that was sometimes startling but always celebrated.

Just recently I became aware of an emerging field of Psychology called “Energy Psychology”. I laughed at the term as it is simple and appropriate and never had I been aware of it. I felt like I found my home within the counseling field. As a Master Level Reiki Practitioner, I have always felt like a strange blend of energy and counseling healing. I am aware there are others like me in this field. It is sometimes a precarious field to be in as a therapist has to be careful in not offending a client, pushing belief systems on others, or simply being viewed as a weird woo woo practitioner.

What I absolutely love about Energy Psychology is that it recognizes the connection between mind, body, and energy. It honors and researches how the mind and body interact and how these systems can be disrupted by life by emotionally loaded events. It is a blend of psychology and eastern medicine in which it recognizes that our bodies have bioenergy fields and that these fields interact with one another. To expound further, our bodies are essentially created out of energy and we have various energy lines (e.g. Meridians) that organize and influence our physical processes as well as impact how we think, feel, and react.

Energy Psychology recognizes that many mental health disorders are truly disruptions to our body systems–a disruption to the flow of energy. This means certain areas get ‘stuck’ and thus, we experience heightened negative emotions. Energy Psychology endorses specific mind-body approaches to help balance and release any disruptions and that presenting complaints (e.g. trauma, depression and anxiety) will naturally be relieved once the mind-body balance has occurred.

I am a huge proponent of Energy Psychology and what is purports. My clinical work, my training in both counseling and energy healing, truly have supported the need to integrate this knowledge into an informed and unified modality. Additionally, there is emerging research supporting the existence of energy (meridian) lines with advancing technology and its scans showing pictures of their physical existence. As we progress in our technology and understanding of our bodies, I welcome the continued emergence and acceptance of professional organizations that this integrative and valid approach to healing.


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