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Sound Therapy and Energy Healing

Music has a long history and obviously, it is global. Not hard to identify its meaning and inherent value across time, cultures and persons.  It is a notable element in most sacred and/or spiritual based practices.  For many individuals, music is a daily need similar to that of breathing and may even feel critical to their daily well being. Many people denote that the music they listen to reflects their mood and/or that they are soothed by it. So, what would you say if you were told music (vibrational energy) can actually HEAL?

We are energetic beings.  Our Chakras are aligned and tuned to specific vibrational frequencies (Hertz).  These frequencies, called the Solfeggio Frequencies, correspond to specific sounds and colors. Interestingly, Earth itself has both a tone and its frequency has been rising with time. All of this information is released and reported by NASA. Taking into account that everything is energy, there is an emerging healing approach, Sound Therapy, that recognizes our ability to activate our bodies healing capacity through specifically tuned sound (energy).

I attended a Sound Therapy training and was excited to learn how to incorporate sound as a healing component in my work.  One can utilize a variety of instruments such as: Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, and Tuning Forks.  This is not a comprehensive list by any means but these are commonly used within Sound Therapy practice.

Here is a brief summary of these items and how this therapy helps:

1. Tibetan Singing Bowls:  The bowls are fascinating as they are comprised of different metals, all of which correspond to different chakras, and are also sound tuned to specific chakras.  Thus, the metal and the vibrational tuning correspond to specific chakras.  Some bowls are constructed of seven metals to help activate all 7 chakras but they are tuned to one sound.  A person is invited to select a bowl based on intuition. Meaning, you will be drawn towards YOUR bowl.  The bowls can be temperamental.  If you have others and are trying to match, you need to bring those that you have to pair to ensure they ‘play well’.  Additionally, what I experienced is that you might choose a bowl but the bowl has to choose you as well.  When it does, it sings.  This may be immediately or comes with practice.

The bowls both vibrate and make a sound. The sound arises from the strong vibration that the Tibetan bowl emits. Though the bowl most always vibrates, it can be difficult to get it to sing. The bowls themselves are actually meant to be played upon the body, usually on torso, so that the vibrational current runs through the person.  It helps denote blockages and moves energy.   The bowls can also be played over the body if a person struggles in tolerating the energy in their person or when using multiple bowls at one time. Those with open systems may feel the vibration from head to toe and it can be overwhelming. Those with blockages may denote the energy moves only through part of the (open) body. The body can absorb the vibration and often a person can sense the movement. When the work is complete, a person has a strong sensation of no longer wanting the bowl upon them.

2. Crystal Singing Bowls:  These are made of high quality quartz and some sets are colored to signal their alignment with the specific chakra.  Each bowl is attuned to a specific chakra (HZ). They look innocent but the sound was INTENSE. The sound of these beautifies fill the space of the room. They actually generate a vibration from their sound.  Thus, the sound first fills the room and is quickly followed by a vibrational energy that permeates the body. These are often used in open outdoor spaces and/or with groups of people.

3. Gong: A gong is an amazing tool to open portals and clear out energy. It can be used along side other tools.  It has a strong sound and vibration that actually creates a vortex. Hence, not a surprise that is has commonly been used in some spiritual practices. It can clear and move energy out of large spaces.

4. Tuning Forks: These are reminiscent of wind chimes.  The forks can activate and move energy within the chakras as well.  For example, a tuning fork calibrated to 432 Hz can be used to ground emotion (sounding it and placing it on collar bone) and clear negative energy out of the body.  432 Hz is considered to be the healing tone.  Additionally, a 528 HZ fork can be activated and played by the ears to open and channel with divine (angelic) energy. The tuning forks have a light and soothing impact.

For those curious and not wanting to invest in any of the tools.  The Solfeggio Healing Frequencies are available on YouTube and Spotify. You can listen to the tones as part of your meditative or healing practices.  The tones themselves have a healing impact but in my experience, the tools offer an accompanying vibrational energy that adds an element of advanced healing.  Some may incorporate other healing agents, such as crystals, to attune and work through various emotional, physical, spiritual concerns and processes.


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