Synchronicity: Lead With Your Left Foot


Synchronicity is a term coined by Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist Carl Jung and he used it to address those times when there are ‘meaningful coincidences’. These are instances that have no direct cause-and-effect but are significant and of value to the person experiencing them.  A common day example is thinking of someone and then suddenly crossing paths or receiving a call from that person. Even if it has been years since the last contact.  It addresses those times where what you think and feel suddenly manifests itself at your feet.

Many people became aware of this concept through a documentary called “The Secret”.  It discussed Synchronicity and the Law of Attraction.  The underlying premise is that what you think and how you feel (e.g. desire), actually design the life that you lead. Essentially, all that you want can be magnetized to yourself through consciousness.  I am quite certain there are a handful of people snorting and rolling their eyes with this last statement.

Synchronicity really addresses energy.  Our thoughts and feelings have energy and the expression, “ask and  you shall receive” is really based on this. Despite how it is depicted in the documentary, it is not simply writing out an order form and waiting for life to deliver at your door like Amazon.  There is quite a bit of work involved and often, it requires a shift or change in the person.  Meaning, how you think, feel, and respond greatly impacts the effectiveness of these concepts.

I will use future blogs and videos to explain this concept in further detail. It can be really difficult for people to fully understand and integrate how this works as it defies the rules we have been conditioned to believe about life. Our logical brains tend to be the most disruptive agent to our progress in this area.

Synchronicity is real. I said it. I also see it as a way for you to connect with your higher being. To highlight this, I want to share a personal example of this. The other day, I went running when the sun was bright and the weather warmer (MN Warm, 40 degrees in Feb).  I find that I ground in nature and simply being outdoors shifts my awareness and mood.  As I was starting out, I was processing my discomfort with my recent shift in work and starting of a video channel and blog.  Though excited by the work and my desire to reach out to others, I feel exposed, awkward, and really uncertain about it all.  In weeks prior, I had received my intuitive nudge to do this new line of work. Well, to be honest, multiple nudges (I can be resistant at times).

As I was running about, I asked myself to give confirmation that I interpreted these nudges correctly. I expressed that I was feeling awkward and in need of reassurance. I requested a sign of confirmation AND one that I could validate. I continued running, enjoying the outdoors and my mind off processing other unrelated things.  Likely 15 minutes later, I was looping back and saw something in the road:  A yaktrack for a shoe.  I wear them on my runs and I thought it looked familiar. So I stopped, looked down, and noticed mine was missing from my left shoe.  Then I heard “lead with your left foot.”  I straightened up and literally said, “Huh?!”.

A few moments pass and an understanding unfolds:  I am right foot dominant. I feel sure-footed when I am moving forward with my confident rhythm and into the areas I know well.  The message was that though I was feeling uncomfortable, my awkwardness was not a sign of error and it would improve through practice. I was being encouraged to continue on and to do the very things causing me a bit of stress.  My request had been answered and in minutes from the actual asking.

I could have dismissed or minimized this whole experience as likely many reading this are doing so right now. However, I recognized the tone of these experiences and have learned to trust them.  Sometimes I feel a bit crazed, questioning myself and all that I know.  More so, I simply recognize this as the rational brain interfering with what it cannot explain. I have also learned to observe these rational mind responses and simply re-focus. These experiences, on both small and large scale, have always led me down exciting and fulfilling paths.  They have actually brought to me the most meaningful things I have in my life to date. Thus, I trust these nudges and communications more than anything.

If you are interested in learning more about Synchronicity and Law of Attraction, I will be continuing to write about it and am presently doing a series of videos to help explain them and how to apply them (2 are already on my Youtube channel). If this is something that does not resonate with you, I understand and I encourage you to enjoy all of life’s curiosities.



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