Get Out of Your Head (and Into Your Heart)


Through my years of experience as a therapist, I have come to realize that we have what I describe as two types of talk:  Head-talk and heart-talk.   I have also noted through observation and personal experience that we truly can convince ourselves of anything in our heads.  Quite literally, ANYTHING.  However, we are unable to manipulate the heart-talk and I have come to trust that language more than anything else. It always represents the truth and the best interests of a person.

A lot of people find themselves conflicted and I often discover that there is a great conflict between these two languages.  The heart says one thing and the mind states another.  People find themselves struggling and uncertain how to proceed forward.  There tends to be an emphasis on logic and rationalizing, believing the head-talk to be the safest and most informed.  I generally find it the opposite: It tends to be more fear based and restrictive.

Thus, I have spent much time helping people learn to quiet the negative chatter in the head and to begin connecting with this heart-talk. This tends to be a clarifying experience for most.  It wasn’t until later and with continued practice, that I came to realize that this heart- talk was actually a person’s inner-being and sense of intuition coming through.  I also recognized that the head-talk was actually contaminating a person’s natural inclination towards growth and contributing to a sense of being stuck.

It is in this discourse that I introduce the concept of Intuition.  People have very strong and negative associations connected to this term.  In the age of bloated brains, many deem such ideas as being very granola and flighty.  The reality is that we are all intuitive by design and nature. Granted, there is a spectrum of talent.  There are some who are strongly connected to their intuition while others have cut themselves off and/or have silenced their inner voice, deferring to reason and rationality.

Most people have had an experience in life in which they felt compelled or nudged into a certain direction or towards a specific choosing.  This nudge may have occurred in times of safety, such as a strange feeling that something or someone was ‘off’ and a strong push to leave the area.   Others may have had the joy of sudden rushes of creativity and ideas, or a sense of just knowing that one must move forward with a specific choice or task.  All of this is based in your inner-knowing and Intuition. The true intent is to lead you to your joy and happiness.  The difficulty is that it may require you to initiate change and pivot from all that you know.

I can honestly state that following these inclinations have led to the greatest shifts I have ever witnessed and experienced. Over and over, across all persons, I have observed this pattern repeat.  The nudges people receive often do not make sense in the moment.  Rather, they are supported and reinforced as the reasoning emerges after the choice is made.  I have also seen the negative consequences of when these nudges are ignored or rationalized away as being silly or without reason.  Luckily, life is often patient with us and tenaciously presents us new opportunities to choose again.

Intuition can be the strongest and most stressful when we hit times in our lives that require a dramatic change in our way of being. These are called “timeline shifts” and I will write about that in future postings.  Following intuition can require us to surrender logic and take a big leap of faith:  “Jump and the net will appear”.  It defies all logic, rules, and sense of know how governing our lives. Many may view our intuitive choices as ‘crazy’ or ‘impulsive’.  However, the likelihood is most individuals know of a person who took such a leap and saw the amazingness that followed.  For this heart-talk is the very thing that connects us to our happiness, joy, and life purpose.  The true reality is that the head-talk can kills these dreams with logic and fear.  We often hide behind feelings of safety, sometimes praising our good judgment and problem solving, but this stymies our expansion and fulfillment.

Thus, my encouragement is to start with small things or concerns, and practice taking little jumps of faith.  Follow that nudge or subtle pulling sensation. Watch all that unfolds following such choosing. I am confident that you will also see the same pattern and be more emboldened to follow your heart moving forward.  The heart is often knowing, even if we do not always want to receive its message, and it helps guide us along our path to the experiences and things we desire most.  It is not always an easy road but it IS the path of least resistance to your visions of joy.




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