Expanded practice and website

It might seem strange that a therapist would offer services related to intuition development and practices.  However, as an intuitive, this ability has always aided my work.  I have a passion for people and for assisting them in their own healing journey.

In my practice, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with individuals in different phases of their own awareness and spiritual awakening.  This has grown through out my time in private practice.  It has, for some individuals, become the primary focus of their work via their own choosing. With a broadened scope, they assess their life struggles as being more related to their sense of purpose and spiritual advancement.

In honor of those who find themselves contemplating and integrating this element of life, I have expanded my practice to accommodate this worthy need.  I have, and continue to acquire, training modalities to help others transcend barriers and progress in their spiritual and intuitive development.  Though this falls out of the scope of traditional counseling, it is very related.

Lastly, I have also begun a blog and a youtube channel to provide information, guidance and support to others on their journey of advancement.  I have observed that those in the phase or awakening are often in an information gathering mode and seeking understanding.  Though limited in scope, it is my hope that these postings will be of use or provide some comfort.

I am excited by the work already shared with current clients and the prospect of collaborating with new people.  Such work is a co-creating process in which all parties gain, learn, and contribute.

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