Stepping Into Your Power

Feeling like you are floating through life? Feeling rather apathetic about the daily grind? Knowing this is NOT what you want but also not knowing what it is you “are supposed to do”? Have creative bursts and ideas only to be met with your own “yeah, but…..” or discouraging words of others? Perhaps you have a sense there is supposed to be more….a vague yearning for something different…..and it may feel like you are chasing to stay small.

You might have found that you have outgrown your present life circumstances. You are feeling unsettled, discontented and yet, you struggle in knowing what would actually make you happy. You can sense that change is the order but it scares you and you may actually have no idea what that really means. Or, maybe you do perceive it and it simply terrifies you as it would require a drastic life change. You feel compelled to make this shift but aren’t feeling quite ready. You may even feel this deep yearning for more and it bumps right against your trauma, hurt, or negative core beliefs–perhaps halting or discouraging you in your very pursuit of your life purpose.

Our work together helps you to remember you. You are a galactic being.  Your sense of knowing is what led you here. Our healing work focuses on learning to identify, listen and follow those subtle nudges of your higher self. As part of this change, I help you connect to your heart resonance and inner voice.  We also identify and process through any motional blocks and ‘programming’ that is hindering you in this pursuit. The remembrance is a process of recognizing your innate power, gifts, and ability to create.  You are here to do miraculous and wonderful things.  Let’s get started!


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