Parenting Consulting

You feel frustrated, angry and worried about your child and about your relationship with your child. You feel like you have tried different approaches and nothing is working. You continue to see the same behavior and you are worried that something might be seriously wrong. You feel lost. You worry that your choices and responses to the stress are only worsening things at home. You feel guilt and shame. You may even feel like though you love your kid, you do not always seem to like him/her. This horrifies and scares you and you are terrified of admitting that as you feel it show that you are failing as a parent. You might fight a lot with your partner and feel totally unsupported at times. You want things to change but have no idea how. You feel terrified to talk with anyone about what is happening.

You want to look forward to spending time with your child and family. You want to feel like you have meaningful connection with your son/daughter. You want to feel like you both love and like your child. You want the yelling to stop. You get scared about how angry and frustrated you feel at times. You feel like you lose control. You have said and done things you are too ashamed to admit. You are hurting and you feel like you might be hurting your child with your own responses.

You want to have a knowing that you are doing all that you can to support and grow your kid in a positive way. You want to feel normalcy at home. You want to feel more relaxed and positive in your interactions. You want to look forward to spending time with you kid. You want to feel good as a parent and that your child has a bright future.

I have worked with families to help bring peace into their homes. This includes learning effective strategies to manage stressful behaviors, parental support and education, and communication training to help limit unnecessary conflict and improve positive interactions. Though there are common patterns, each family has its own culture and own set of needs. All recommendations are based on your unique family personalities and ways of living. No judgment. Just simple and effective strategies to strengthen you as a parent and help you create a loving home environment.

Wanting to learn more or discuss your specific situation? Feel free to connect and schedule a consultation to learn if I may be of service to you.