Divorce and Relationship Breakups

This divorce and breakup has broken you. You feel like you have lost everything. Everything. You never dreamed or imagined this could happen to you. You wake up hoping the break up is all a bad dream only to realize it is not. It is real. Your world has collapsed around you.

You are so sad, angry, and feeling lost. You think thoughts that scare you. You are terrified that this is your new normal. You don’t want this. You never did. You are devastated and unsure of how to even begin move forward. You are worried your friends and family are getting tired of listening to your pain. You do not feel like you have the energy for this. You might even have thoughts of just not wanting to be here anymore. It is just too much. You are so sad, alone, and feel stuck. You do not know what to think or feel. You just want it to all to stop hurting so much. You are tired and fearful that you will never be happy again. How is that even possible when you feel that you lost all that mattered to you?

You want to wake up without that horrible, heavy pain in your chest and heart. You want to have something that makes you actually WANT to get out of bed. You want to make it through your day without crying. You want to have energy to leave your house and to be able to enjoy things that used to be so much fun. You want to feel like you can smile and mean it. You want to remember what it feels like to truly laugh.

The pain can be crushing. You may feel like people are expecting you to just ‘move on’ from the breakup. You don’t know how. I can help. Our work together can help you to find happiness and meaning again. I understand this may sound impossible but I assure you, I have helped others in similar situations.. I invite you to reach out to start this process. It is time to start feeling better. You deserve it.




“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you every time” ~Cherilyn Sarkisian