Welcome to Transcend Wellness' collection of suggested readings and healthy living products. Recommended materials have been categorized by name and/or by commonly presented concerns in both counseling and life coaching sessions. These books and products are available for purchase, but are not a required part of our working relationship. There is also information about Young Living, which offers holistic, therapeutic grade oils and health products that can prove helpful in your quest for improved physical and emotional well-being.

These items are not intended to replace the work performed in counseling/life coaching sessions, but are excellent tools to facilitate discussion, increase personal insight, and promote physical vitality. They are frequently used in my work with others and can assist in generating new ways of thinking, perceiving, and understanding. Even if we do not have a working relationship at present time, I invite you to explore the listed options for any topics or products that may relate to you. I encourage you to utilize these suggested resources, as well as any others to which you might have access, to aid you in your journey of self-discovery.

You may access these resources independently and/or we can discuss their purpose, possible benefits, and helpful content during our time together. Please remember that long lasting change is a slow process and often requires you to step outside your comfort zone. Successful change often occurs in small, successive steps. Thus, experimenting with new ideas and actions, whether it be simply reading a book, can help facilitate this transformation process.