Holistic Healing

There is a growing interest in homeopathic remedies to treat illness, injury, and even cancer. People are expressing increased concern about the use of harsh medications, which can have serious side effects, to treat common ailments. Doctors are becoming more conscientious about prescribing multiple medications and the resulting ‘pyramiding’ effect. All of this coincides with the growing debate over GMO’s, conventional farming, and consumption of local, organic goods and their related impact on our health.

There is a lot of conflicting evidence and it can be confusing to know what is the best option. I support personal choice in this area but do encourage people to educate themselves and to consider less intrusive methods when their comfort level and needs allow.

Below are some items for you to consider if interested in learning about holistic healing and/or less mainstream alternatives that have been reported to be helpful. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with a trained medical provider before self-prescribing any treatments.