Healthy Living Products

In this area, there are an array of suggestions for kitchen equipment, health products, body care, supplements, and even raw food items.

Of these recommendations, the most invaluable tool for healthy eating is the Vitamix. It is an enormously powerful machine that has the capacity to blend all food items into a smooth consistency. It can puree an apple in seconds for homemade applesauce. It blends batter, dough, makes soups, green smoothies, and the list goes on. If you have ever ordered a smoothie, this is typically the machine the restaurant/care uses to make it. It is an essential tool in eating raw, unprocessed foods and in improving one’s physical health and vitality.

In Minnesota, and other northern climate areas, it is important to ensure that people get adequate Vitamin D. Our bodies naturally produce it in response to the sun. However, as we know, the sun is quite elusive during the winter months. Thus, a person should attempt to maintain adequate levels through appropriate diet and use of a supplement. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with depressive symptoms, autoimmune diseases, and multiple other maladies. A lack of Vitamin D also impacts the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

A word of caution: Be selective when choosing supplements, as many contain additives that can be harmful to the body. Young Living offers a great brand of products that are well researched and free of synthetic chemicals. Additionally, many local organic stores and co-ops offer supplements, such as Solgar and Nordic Naturals, which are respected brands within the health food community. Lastly, please consult with your physician prior to taking any over-the-counter supplement so as to prevent any possible drug interactions and/or harmful side effects.

Included in this list are some raw food suggestions. They are a great tasting way to incorporate superfoods into your daily diet. This can be done by adding them to smoothies or eating them alone as snacks. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even make them yourself. I encourage you to browse the listings and investigate any other related products that might be of interest to you. They are all intended to help improve your overall health, strength, and energy level.